• Why Outsourcing?

    Outsourcing accounting functions, tax compliance and planning saves companies substantial resources and helps them manage variety of risks. It successfully shifts liabilities to consultants and brings in more expertise.
  • Our People

    We understand that our people is our capital and we invest in the best. Our staff is of different cultures and languages but united by the same passion and devotion.
  • Our Passion

    Since 1995, it has always been about Trust, Accuracy, Technology, You.    
  • Serving Industries

    New age requires innovative approach to even the most mundane tasks. Whether new processes, new tools or new products, we never stop to innovate.
  • Serving the World

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Company News

NBAC exhibits at an Annual Business Expo 2014 organized by the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. With 2000 attendees and 130 exhibitors, the Expo proves to be the regional key venue for the growing Hispanic business community.  >>

International Updates

The tax reform proposed by the House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp in March 2014 could significantly impact the way international business is structured. The draft would impose deemed repatriation tax on previously untaxed foreign earnings, and a minimum tax on earnings from offshore operations by controlled foreign corporations.  >>

Accounting, Tax, Payroll News

The Internal Revenue Service is offering educational Health Care Tax Tips to help individuals understand how the Affordable Care Act may affect their taxes. Although many of the tax provisions included in the law went into effect on Jan. 1, 2014, most do not affect the 2013 tax returns.  >>

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